My undergraduate curriculum’s emphasis in business law as well as my brother’s work related injury has developed my interest and professional goals, namely a career in workers’ compensation. In 2009, I chose to advance my concentration in workers’ compensation by interning for Christine’s firm, which led to my position as a legal assistant. Having personally dealt with the confusion of legal jargon and the complexity of the system during my brother’s case, I am able to fully relate to the exhausting struggle of our clients deal with. I have built a passion advocating for clients who are unaware of the scope of their rights during a lengthy judicial process.

Naturally, I find interest in determining the best outcome for clients rather than the most convenient. So many people who may feel as if the odds are against them look to representatives to alleviate their fears and assure them that their legal troubles will be taken care of. My passion, critical thinking, and interpersonal attribute have fostered a sense of comfort from clients as well as other professionals who work closely with the law office, such as opposing counsel, insurance adjusters, and medical staff.

I am currently attending law school to advance my prospective career in law. I look forward to further developing discipline, dedication, and a better understanding of how to legally counsel those in need.