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Attorney at Law- Certified Workers Compensation Specialist 

Serving Injured Southern California Workers for 20 Years

Injured at Work

  • An injury may occur over time with repetition, such as                    a stocker suffering back sprain from heavy lifting or an                   office worker being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. 
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  • We have two locations including the Antelope                                   Valley (Palmdale / Lancaster) and Westlake Village, Ca. 
  • Se habla españolBilingual employees at both locations for the     convenience of our clients. 

You May be Entitled to Receive Benefits

  • Temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, medical treatment benefits, and/or       death benefits.

We do not get paid till you 

  •  Cases are handled on a contingency basis. You will owe us nothing unless we                                  obtain compensation for you.

hy Us?

  • The focus is a one-on-one personal care.
  • Her exceptional knowledge helps to maximum the amount of compensation you are entitled to.
  • We learn how your situation has affected your life. 
  • We build a relationship with you and invest ourselves in your case. 
  • See our Testimonial page for a better understanding how her past clients feel.

Workers Compensation

  • Workers' compensation is a valuable safety net for workers who suffer an injury.  
  • Employers are required by law to carry workers' compensation insurance.
  • There are strict time guidelines in which a claim would have to be brought. As a result, it                 is extremely important that an attorney be consulted in those types of cases.

Lawyer to Lawyer Referrals

  • Maintains close professional relationships with lawyers and firms who often refer cases to us.
  • The referring lawyer can feel confident that the client they refer to Christine Nelson will receive       the best possible representation in the case.